Guiness and Hearing Loss- Part 7 for your health

New Study Suggests Guinness May Stop Hearing Loss


Irish Around The World July 20, 2017

While this is not my material and I am simply repeating it here I thought it a good addition.  In the early posts about how and why Christians were consuming this beverage they did mention health reasons.  This article just came out and seems appropriate to save. If you imbibe in a Guiness or two once in a while you will appreciate the benefits you are getting.

New research indicates that drinking a pint of Guinness a day can actually prevent hearing loss.

We heard before that Guinness has many health benefits and how its high iron content might combat hearing loss.

The new research, published in the Journal of American Medicine indicates the benefits of Guinness. Previously, Guinness was given to patients in recovery, now the iron in the iconic Irish drink, is to prevent hearing loss.

The research at the Pennsylvania State University found that high level of iron in our bodies helps prevent hearing loss.

The research was conducted on over 300 000 patients and the results speak for themselves.

Over 30% of the worlds population is anemic, lacking iron and is on the way to hearing loss.

The researchers at Pennsylvania University found that the lack of this valuable mineral can cause damage to the cochlea, nerve pathways and cause problems with the middle ear bones.

The study also showed that Iron supplements do not help due to DNA damage to the blood vessels. This all clearly shows that Guinness can be the answer to this increasing problem.

Although I do not recommend getting drunk with Guinness or any other alcoholic beverage it might actually be good for us, as we get more iron this way. As the ole advertising slogan indicates ‘Guinness Is Good For You’, a pint a day can lead you to better hearing.

And I think a pint a day is ok.  But leave it at that.

Don’t forget, “everything in moderation.” As always , I wish you the best in the Lord.


The Tubthumper