This blog is about living a Christian life.  It is as much for me as it may be for youI suspect it to be more so.   In these posts you will find Biblical truths and life experiences that should help bridge the gap between head apprehension and heart appropriation.  Hopefully others will join in and add some pearls of wisdom for us all.

The Picture: It is me relaxing on a friends dock at Swan Lake in Northeastern Montana.  Great memories…


Blog?  What’s a blog anyway?  I remember many years ago asking that question to my wife.  She answered it by letting me know it was a place where people write their thoughts and things on the web.  Just the other day someone asked me, “what is a blog”, so I don’t feel bad.  Some of us just take a while to catch on.

I never really thought that much about blogs but since then they have become all the rage and here I am doing one.

What about this “Tubthumper” thing?

Tub-thumpers are a noisy (and sometimes amusing) lot. The earliest ones were preachers or public speakers with a predisposition for pounding their fists on the pulpit or lectern — perhaps to wake up their listeners! Back in the 17th century, the word “tub” was sometimes used as a synonym of “pulpit”; John Dryden, for example, used the word thus in 1680 when he wrote, “Jack Presbyter shall here erect his throne, Knock out a tub with preaching once a day.” “Tub-thumper” has been naming loud, impassioned speakers since at least 1662, when it was used by a writer named Hugh Foulis to describe “a sort of people … antick in their Devotions….”  A synonym for Tubthumper is a Paladin – defined as a leading champion of a cause. word first used on 1592.

So what will you find on here?

You will get my rants and ravings on things important to me.  I think some things important to me will appeal to others so I won’t be bashful and I will do the tubthumper reputation some justice.  Because I am a Christian and have been as long as I can remember you will find my faith and convictions flavoring the posts.  I also have some general philosophical views that will undoubtedly be shared.

If you don’t agree with me that’s ok.  If you do, that’s wonderful.  But you will know where I stand.

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A blog is no good unless it is read so please do share it with your friends.

I hope you enjoy your stay,

F.J., “The Tubthumper”



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Ok, now you have the rules,



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  1. Hello Frank, it was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday. Thank you so. much for the comradeship and breakfast.

    Matthew H. Orlosky

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